Sofie/Synthesis meeting in Umeå

Wed, 03/07/2012 - 13:34 -- Gerald de Jong

This week we are continuing the process that began during the last workshop that we hosted in Rotterdam, but this time way up in the snowy north of Sweden in the city of Umeå.  We are setting the stage for the development of an open source cultural heritage registration system based on Sofie (an existing system serving hundreds of museums in Sweden) and informed by more than a decade of research done by the CIDOC special interest group into the proper future-safe and interoperable way of recording information about the wide variety of cultural heritage stuff out there.

Once again, the orchestrator of this effort is our own Thomas Wikman

Wikman @ Whiteboard

It is exciting to see these people really coming together and establishing a consensus on how to approach this issue, because we believe we are really getting this process worked out the right way.  Key people from FORTH the CIDOC group were able to go into more depth about their Synthesis software which will be our major source of inspiration for development from the point of view of keeping the process standards-based and interoperable.

We are establishing our strategy, working out the steps that we will be taking, and the roles that the different parties will be playing.  This project is not a quick-win.  It's something that will take quite some months and even years to get built and refined, although it should not be too long before we have the first things up and running.  The result will be used by hundreds of museums as we roll it out, so it will be an adventure for sure.  The key thing is that we take the right steps on the way, and we have a really good feeling about the group we are assembling.  We have now hit the ground running.